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Enterprise Social Software On the Frontlines: Do You Use It?

As indicated by Forrester Research’s upcoming teleconference, The State Of Collaboration And Social Software Adoption: 2010, management continues to spend money on social software in the hopes of increased collaboration between workers spread across the globe. Contrast that with my experience, working on internal web projects in healthcare, finance and utilities, that few people on [...]

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Amchoor Home Fries
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Welcome to my blog!

I’m the co-founder of Natron Baxter Applied Gaming. NB creates games with a purpose - games for work, for school and for the public good. My background is user experience, usability, web development, information technology and management consulting. I combine this experience with my work on games - Signtific Lab with Institute for the Future, Coral Cross for the Hawaii Department of Health, and most recently EVOKE, in my work at NB.

I have three awesome girls with my wife Kate Verrill: Emma, Lily & Phoebe. (See Kate’s Facebook profile.) And of course there’s Rufus, my bassett hound who drives Kate nuts. You can follow Rufus on Twitter. I enjoy cooking ethnic food, going on adventures and exploring eccentric interests such as goat races and punkin chunkin. I’d love to hear from you - You can call my cell at (314) 853-6289, follow/dm me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn (view my profile for professional contacts) or Facebook (view my profile for friends and famliy.)


  • My dad's new website - Advice, assistance and consultation for small museums: http://practicalmattersformuseums.com/
  • Natron Baxter not Nathan Baxter - a prospective client recently Googled "Nathan Baxter" and found some, ahem, strange results. Their search is understandable; hopefully this post resolves it...
  • Go Daddy IIS doesn't work with NING - images don't always display and open social doesn't always work. Rackspace cloud iis works fine.
  • White Collar war criminals - who would get your vote?
  • US forces should put crash test dummies in MRAPs in the field with troops to study, design for, and counteract the effects of IEDs.

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